embroidery on denim 
Most of girls in rural India don't see their mothers for long stretches of time due to urban migration for the possibility of jobs as sweepers, maids and caretakers. The lack human touch and affection can be hard to deal with and can affect their development. Providing a source of comfort and touch was a meager way to remind these girls that they are loved. 
We taught women the basic outline of our internal organ functionings and give them the supplies to make these dolls for their daughters. These dolls served as handmade love letters from a mother to her daughter in these times of great uncertainty and despair. 
The dolls have the entire organ system embroidered on their exteriors to help girls understand the works of their bodies, especially as they are often separated from the main female figures in their lives: their mothers. This is an endeavor to help them learn more about their bodies as well. 
This initiative aimed to send handmade, hand-embroidered love, in the form of cloth dolls, made by a mother for her daughter, for the girls in parts of rural India, who hadn't seen their mothers in over 4 months due to the CoVID-19 pandemic.
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