handmade pouches with textile scraps 
This collection, loosely translated as a mother’s sewing kit, has 3 lines within the collection: NEELAM | SINDOOR| GULSHAN. Each kit comes with 6 tufts of embroidery thread, a hand spun crochet thread of spool, 6 needles of varied sizes, a crochet hook, a selection of buttons and beads (including coral buttons) strings of glass beads, and fabric to stitch on, all in an amazing handmade paper bag. The use of the word dabbi is so ironical as this is anything but a box. I wanted to use this to highlight the dichotomy between to two, which also highlight this paradigm shift between generations.
This capsule collection was distributed to once again bring the act of sewing to the forefront of creativity & ingenuity to help support the embroidery artistry which is spear-headed by women & girls around the country. 
GULSHAN is a handmade kit with hand crocheted laces bordering a pale pink cotton cover. GULSHAN is the happiness of siting amidst nature, hearing the birds sing, sitting on the grass, feeling the breeze in your hair. The happiness that I usually indulge in with my daily activities of sewing, crocheting and embroidering! Share the magic of creation, both natural and formative with GULSHAN.
SINDOOR is a handmade kit with hand crocheted laces bordering Mysore cotton covers. SINDOOR is a line of sewing kits which alludes to the idea of sewing as an activity associated with marriage. Like sindoor, the process of sewing is extremely matrimonial in terms of thematic references. By creating a line in relation to this association, I am attempting to advocate the beauty of sewing as a hobby, which can be taken to new levels by the original crafters of this hobby. SINDOOR is a line for every housewife who need not limit sewing to an obligation, but rather transcend it with creativity and ingenuity; and also for every woman who need not wait for an Indian marriage to endow this hobby within her, but rather adopt it as a rivulet off creativity and art.
NEELAM is a handmade kit with hand crocheted laces bordering pale pink or mashru off-white cotton cove. NEELAM is inspired by the sky on a rainy day. Monsoons have always been my favourite time of year: and this year the monsoons have just meant so much more. I have spent the last few weeks of the first rains of the Mumbai monsoon honing creativity by the bay windows of my home. Crocheting, sewing, embroidering to the beat of the pattering rain elevated my two favourite activities!
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