alginate-casting in plaster and colored swatches
Displayed at the RISD Color Lab 
This artwork  focuses immensely on the ideas of rape and domestic violence; as well as the intrinsic relationship between the body and the marks and scars on a body. The small colour swatches are symbolic of bruises and the intensity of the bruise, and by extension the case of rape or sexual assault that is catalogued through the usage of different colours. This treated the body as a visual document of pained histories and unspeakable presents. However, the body that is depicted here, is not only mutilated to show the pain of sexual assault, but also shaped largely in the general form of India. This alludes to India as the so called ‘rape capital’ of the world. The colour swatches, indicative of the bruises, are placed consciously in each regions based on reported cases of those particular geographic areas, making the map and the body a visual archive for our countries most pressing social issue.​​​​​​​
The proceeds from the sale of this work was redirected to fund the rehabilitation of a victim of sexual abuse & the general education and awareness of sexual harassment amongst the  young girls of India through the organization Arpan.
* Arpan aims to reduce the occurrence of Child Sexual Abuse, heal its impact, and create safe and supportive environments for children and adult survivors in India. 
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