weaving on a handloom using cut room fabric waste from an Indian factory: one of the largest producers of garment waste
“The Dari Project” was our own little strife in attempting to promote self-sustenance amongst women from migrant working families in the Noida Region in Northern India. The project aimed at trying to combat the two primary ill effects of the CoVID-19 pandemic: the surfeit in waste production due to the increase of single use products, and the lack of employment and financial income of daily-wage earners. Focusing closely on the idea of empowerment of women and the education of a skill to help create product and a source of income for these women, the projects pioneered to provide 53 women with the means to weave flat-weave rugs  which not only helped repurpose fabric waste which otherwise is dumped in landfills, but also allowed them to fund their own living. 

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