waste found objects (tissue paper rolls)
This installation & performative artwork that was exhibited over 3 days. I enacted the ‘Buddha’ & meditated for 2 hours continuously at the base of the ‘Bodhi Tree’ on each day during the exhibition. The ‘Bodhi Tree’ is made out of weapons and guns and war tank (which are made out of wasteful tissue paper rolls). This artwork signifies the peace that is sought by all individuals in a chaotic world. I embodied the Buddha who despite external havoc found his inner-self. This was my own attempt to introspect & find peace amongst the chaos which I am surrounded by in my city life. Despite meditating in front of a crowd, in a noisy place I saw a glimpse of internal peace.
This installation was part of the annual Variety Entertainment Program at the J. B. Petit High School for Girls. The program raises funds each year to help raise funds for the 'Right to Education' (RTE) Act as mandated by the government to ensure that each year there is a higher number of underprivileged girl children who are receiving an education. This year, the funds were directed to help build a new building which would help accommodate more RTE girls. 
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