handmade-paper book bound in khadi fabric packaged in a handmade jute pouch 
2000 copies sold to corporates around India 
In this advanced world full of technology, we seem to loose ourselves amidst the most high-tech gadgets that science has to offer. Everyday, when we spend a few minutes with ourselves, we are often distracted by the text messages, emails or calls we get, and hence give our minds, bodies and souls, only half hearted attention, disturbing our practice of self discovery and introspection. However, if we can maintain our concentration and focus regardless of the noise of our lives playing in the background, we can become one with the universe. And to do that, we must let go of our ego sense, and only then will we no longer be different from every other person in this world. We will come to realize that the world is a million-bodied One, attaining the highest level of enlightenment that we can in today’s tech savvy world.
Give time to your body, mind and soul.
The profits from the sale of this book will be given for the sponsorship of a the children at the ‘Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project’ School for the underprivileged, in Tamil Nadu.
* Shanti Bhavan Children's Project supports the girl child by giving her the education she rightfully deserves and provides them with room & board of children from their primary education till the first day of their jobs after 12th grade. 
Snapshots of the artworks & concepts which outline the course of each month: 
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